• In our first year, we provided food and other household necessities to 40 families in need across Toronto and the GTA.
  • We provided funding to the Daily Bread Food bank as well as to the Sickle Cell Anemia Association of Ontario.


  • Project Engagement assisted over 60 families throughout Toronto and began partnering with local not-for-profits and charities.
  • We began working with community assessment organizations as well as other institutions to identify where Project Engagement resources would be best utilized.


  • We provided food and clothing to over 250 families across Toronto and the GTA.
  • Provided funding to the Toronto Harbour Front Centre to support after-school programs for at risk youth.
  • Donated money to St. Christopher’s House, a community organization whose mandate is to help:
    • combat the high illiteracy rate among the city’s poor;
    • drawing attention to the increase in unaffordable housing;
    • promoting the concept of the livable wage;
    • as well as issues around discrimination and poverty.


  • We assisted over 350 families in need across Toronto and the GTA.
  • We supported and partnered with multiple not for profits and charities including:
  • St. Christopher’s House;
  • The Daily Bread Food Bank;
  • The Salvation Army;
  • The Spanish Speaking People’s Centre.
  • Project Engagement made it a priority to actively support under privileged youth so they could afford after school athletic programs. This included providing funding for students to play ice hockey and other sports.


  • Assisting 400 families in need across Toronto and the GTA with our 11th Annual Food Distribution Day taking place on Tuesday, December 22, 2015 at Ellesmere Community Centre.